About Linked Me

LINKEDME is brought to you by the LINK consortium, which comprises of leading experts in the field of construction material reuse technology to boost circularity in construction industry, BigData and Ai. The consortium has been formed to develop
innovative technology solutions to aid the circularity of materials within construction and related sectors.

The LINK consortium has expertise in BigData, Ai, Object Recognition (OR), Voice to Text (VtT) recognition, auto-listing and much more – our aim is to provide an integrated solution to boost reuse and circularity in construction and help reduce the carbon emissions from construction production and waste materials processing.

LINK operates in a spirit of collaborative working. It enjoys support from the construction sector and from major construction material salvage businesses. LINK technology development is partly funded by private sector support and partly by Innovate UK under its Smart Grants programme for ambitious, disruptive R&D projects.